A project by Eisha and Bibi Jirou was perfectly content with the daily routine of his loser life until he knocked over a small shrine. Now he's cursed and forced to take the place of the god that lived there.

History of Nerdy Boy

Nerdy Boy originally started with Eisha and another artist named poppikun(-who goes on numerous hiatus and frequent ID changes) about a boy named Akira and Shiba. The original Nerdy Boy was not a shounen-themed manga- just a plain high school and typical BL comic with no story, personality or super natural powers. But after the disappearance of poppikun- Eisha revamped the series numerous times and finally Bibi joined on re-making the series into a shounen manga and introduced spiritual powers. Eisha was in charge of drawings the comic and Bibi in charge of writing, researching and planning the character development and personality for the comic. With almost more than 1,300 fans and 50+ chapters planned out- the series came to abrupt end when the other artist complained about the character design.

To all the past Nerdy Boy fans, long story short- the other artist apparently didn't like the fact that we (Eisha and Bibi) got popular using her characters and left her out of the spotlight- in actuality, the only characters she created was only the image of Akira, Chikusa and Rex- which left bibi the option to create their background and personality to fit them into the series, because the other artist was no where to be contacted. With the fact that we've credited her dozen of times in our series of the characters belonged to her while every other character and the plot belonged to both Eisha and Bibi.

So now with the other artist taking back the title name and her character, she "presumed" that she will be creating Nerdy Boy the way she envisioned it- so just a head up, please do not mistake her Nerdy Boy as our NB series.

Thank you so much for your support for this past year and we hope to bring you a better series this year.

-Eisha and Bibi

History of Eisha and Bibi

After sitting next to each other in one afternoon at a club meeting, they decided to ditch the meeting to do something more productive. Eisha was a Sophomore at the time and Bibi was nothing more than a freshman. Hanging out with each other almost everyday, there were enough time along the lines for the two to come up with a joint project. Eisha was in charge of drawing and Bibi in charge of writing outlines.